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We love discovering beautiful, responsible brands. We want to bring you to the spotlight in an effort to break the norms of e-commerce. To tell your stories and feature your products for the world to see, and not merely reduce them to a set of ratings, a tiny picture, and most sadly- a discount.

Brandcurry is an experiment to make e-commerce better.

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Work with Recurr- The team behind Brandcurry

Recurr is India's first growth agency dedicated to subscription businesses and digital-first brands. We work with consumer products to help position them better and grow their recurring revenue. We are a group of design, product, and marketing people based in various parts of the country. We come together to run smart experiments and execute beautiful projects both in-house and with brands we love.

More ways in which we can help brands-

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Website Starter/ Revamp Kit

Build or revamp a beautiful and functional website, best suited to your needs and budget.

How we do it

Understand your requirements and get started

Conversion optimized copy and design to boost online sales

Come up with an initial wireframe.

Set up integrations for payments, shipping, inventory, and analytics.

Set up your online store and bring your website to life

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Content Strategy

Relax, and let us take care of your writing and story-telling needs. We create content that is engaging, relevant, and SEO friendly.

How we do it

Evaluate your content requirements.

Create user/search optimized content.

Build a solid strategy and pipeline.

Smart distribution on social and other channels to gain traction

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Creative Support

Leverage the power of a full fledged team of UI/UX and graphic designers + copywriters to meet all your creative needs-- from product packaging to social creatives and illustrations.

What we do

Understand your creative requirements and put the perfect team together

Write persuasive copy for your website, product, social media, and more

UI and graphics for all your design needs across platforms. Product packaging too!

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