Barking up the right tree: Arture Offers Vegan Wallets and more

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Barking up the right tree: Arture Offers Vegan Wallets and more

We want you to do something for us. Take a look around and make a list of every accessory you own that is made from leather. It's bad enough that leather is made from animal hide.It also takes a large number of chemicals to process that leather. In conclusion, it is really, really bad for the environment. :(

Where can one find a more eco-friendly alternative that is also artistic? We have the answer for you. 

A team of creators based in Chennai combined art and nature to build Arture: a sustainable, vegan brand of accessories.

Eco-Functional Catalogue

Arture calls nature their procurement officer. All raw materials are plant-based that are grown naturally. The products are designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. The brand truly believes in the saying Less is more with their minimalistic designs.  

What sets the company apart is the material they use, Cork fabric.

Cork? Like, what you find on a wine bottle? 

Here’s a fun fact for you: Cork is actually the bark of Quercus suber. The people at Arture procure their cork from and cultivate the fabric in the Mediterranean region. Once the bark is taken from an old tree, it is turned into a cork fabric. The tree is then left to regenerate over some time. 

Why cork fabric?

The material is water-resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, fireproof, vegan and sustainable. It is also soft and pretty. How can you not like it? 

Sustainable All-in-one Utility Pouch

Have you ever found yourself with too many things in your hand and nowhere to put them? The people at Arture have come with a solution for you: Elio Compact Utility Pouch.

Elio (not from Call me by your name) will help free your hands. It is especially useful when your clothes don’t have large enough pockets (Brands who make Women’s jeans, we’re looking at you.) With Elio, you can take care of your masks, earphones, pens and other miscellaneous stuff. Made from cactus leather (yes, you read that right), the pouch is tough, sustainable, and smooth to touch. If that wasn’t cool enough, you also get to customize your bag by embossing your initials. 

Hold Up. What do you mean it’s made from Cactus Leather? 

Exactly that. Contrary to what it may sound like, cactus leather is 100% vegan. The leaves of the cactus are processed into the leather after they mature. Don’t worry. The cactus plant regrows its leaves soon enough. (Once again, no cacti were harmed in the making of Elio.)

What happens after one has used the product? 

The team behind Arture have covered all their bases. They understand that the disposal of a product plays an important role and hence have come up with a brilliant solution. Once you are done using an Arture product, you can send it back to them. What’s in it for you? You get a discount on your next purchase, and who doesn’t love that, amirite? 

Team Arture will then send the returned products to their recycling unit, where they break them down into their components. They become raw materials for their Afterlife Range. Keep an eye out for this exciting new project which will be out very soon. 

Plantastic news for you…

The amazing thing about Arture products is that they are not only eco-friendly but also beautiful and functional. Being ethical does not entail compromising with your design sensibilities. With Arture, you can simply achieve both. We often overlook the materials that go into the making of the everyday products we use. Why use leather when you can switch to cruelty-free and equally (if not more) cute products?

Cactus leather compact utility pouch- Elio

A pouch we vouch for

Cork Wallet

Hands down, a very hands free wallet

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Cork Wallet

Hands down, a very hands free wallet
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