Everything you need to know about bamboo products

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Everything you need to know about bamboo products

If you are someone looking to reduce your plastic waste then you need to hop on the bamboo train.

But why use bamboo products? What makes them so special? 

We are glad you asked. Apart from being the cutest animal’s favorite snack (In Pandas, we trust) bamboo has a long list of benefits. 

Grow fast

Under the right conditions, love, and care, bamboo grows rapidly. It takes only about seven years for bamboo to reach maturity. Since bamboo rejuvenates the forest area, it means that it can be used without worrying about deforestation. 

Need Less Water 

Bamboo is not, as Gen Z would say, ‘thirsty’. When it comes to water consumption, bamboo is a team player. It requires less water to grow and oh,  produces 35% more oxygen. Basically, bamboo gives more than it takes. 


Bamboo is durable and things made up of bamboo can last for a long time. This quality makes bamboo products sustainable in the long run and therefore, a great investment. Also, they’re comparatively cheaper than plastic alternatives. 


Bamboo is super sturdy material. It bacteria and pesticides-resistant, heat-resistant, and unlike wood, bamboo does not rot easily.


Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly material. It doesn't need chemicals or fertilizers to grow. On the other hand, it actually benefits the soil by preventing erosion.

Bamboo product: bamboo toothbrush

Best eco friendly bamboo products 

If you searched for “Where to buy bamboo products” then you’ve come to the right place. There is no dearth of things made up of bamboo. From bamboo toothbrushes to bamboo furniture to bamboo personal care products, we have ‘em all. 

Bamboo momo steamer

bamboo product: bamboo momo steamer

Looking for bamboo cutlery in India? Well, look no further. Make delicious momos or steam vegetables with the bamboo steamer from Pappco Greenware. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and comes in plastic-free packaging. 

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to soak in water before use

Bamboo speaker

bamboo product: bamboo speaker

If you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts, we have a speaker made completely out of bamboo. You read that right. The bamboo speaker from The Happy Turtle is lightweight, handmade, 100% natural, and biodegradable. Oh and it requires no electricity. This one is the top feature in our list of bamboo gifts.  

Bamboo toothbrush India

bamboo product: bamboo toothbrush

One of the most commonly used products is the bamboo toothbrush. The eco-friendly toothbrush from Better is made from natural bamboo and charcoal bristles. It also comes with a cute cotton pouch, making the deal even better and more sustainable. 

Bamboo razor 

bamboo product: bamboo razor

Made from natural bamboo, the bamboo razor from The Woman’s Company will make sure you get a smooth shaving experience. Removing body hair is a choice. But why make it painful when you can have a pain-free and eco-friendly alternative? 

Bamboo skewers 

bamboo roduct: bamoo cutlery

One of the best bamboo household products is the bamboo skewers. Serve your guests in style with these eco-friendly skewers.

How to dispose of bamboo products? 

The whole point of using bamboo products is to reduce the amount of waste (mainly plastic) we normally generate. The good thing about organic bamboo products is that they are biodegradable and can be disposed of easily. 

Recycle your bamboo 

From bamboo cutlery and dishes to bamboo toothbrushes - every bamboo product can be recycled. After exhausting the use of your bamboo product, you can send it to a recycling unit near you. (Make sure you clean it thoroughly before sending it off to its recycling journey!) 

However, if you are unable to find a recycling unit, there is another way: compost it at home! 

Compost your bamboo

Composting at home can be a hassle-free experience if you have a step-by-step composting guide to follow. Composting is a great, environmentally-friendly way to turn ‘waste’ into something useful. 

Since bamboo is a natural fiber and 100% biodegradable, it can be composted. All you need is a composting unit, some brown material, and a lot of patience. Bamboo composting is a slow process. The fungi takes its time to break down and depending on the conditions, it can take a few years to decompose. What can help speed up the process is to break or shred the bamboo product. This would give the microbes more surface area to work on. 

Let’s take a bamboo toothbrush as an example. 

Steps to follow to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush

Once you have used the bamboo toothbrush in every way imaginable, here’s what you can do: 

  1. Remove the bristles: You can use pliers to pull out the bristles in chunks. Make sure you use all safety measures. (You can also simply snap the head of the toothbrush off.)
  2. Chuck the handle of the bamboo toothbrush in your composting bin and wait for nature to do its magic. 
  3. There you have it. Hey, what about the bristles? 
composting bamboo products
Image: markusspiske

Wait. Is nylon 4 bristle biodegradable? 

To put it simply, yes. Nylon-4 is made from petroleum and is therefore plastic. Studies have shown however, that *real* Nylon-4 is “ degradable in the environment”. It takes around 4-6 months in compost or sludge. What is unfortunate is that fake Nylon 4 is more readily available in the market. Many brands are not even aware of the fact that their manufactures *might* be supplying them fake Nylon-4. 

Don't be bamboo-zled

There is a ton of information on the internet and it can become difficult to sift through it. One thing is clear, switching to plastic-free alternatives of everyday products has never been easier. While bamboo is one such alternative, it is not the only one available. What is important for us is to do a bit of research before buying anything.

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