Best Vegan Food Brands in India

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Best Vegan Food Brands in India

Veganism as an idea is not new. Many of the Indian dishes we have at home are completely vegan and we don’t even realize. In recent years, more and more people are turning towards a vegan lifestyle due to health reasons or just because of the personal benefits. 

If you’re wondering where you can find vegan food brands, you’ve landed on the right page. 

Here are some of the some of our favorite (and therefore the best) Indian Vegan Food Brands:  

Live Yum 

When someone has ‘yum’ in their name, can you expect anything less than delicious, lip-smacking goodness? Bangalore born Taanya Ravi started her brand of vegan food with one purpose: making plant-based eating in India more affordable, accessible and delicious.

Live Yum’s beautiful range of vegan products is free from 7 major food allergens-  dairy, gluten , soy, eggs, peanuts, fish and shellfish. While their products do contain potato protein, there is no palm oil or msg added. 

Their Mozzarella Cheese Shreds are, of course, vegan and perfect to make your pizzas extra delicious. Made from plant-based ingredients, they are dairy-free and also trans-free. 


Goodmylk is here to cater to all your dairy  needs with their 100% vegan cheese, curd, mylk, and spreads. Most of the ingredients they use are sourced locally. 

You can opt for a subscription-based service to get them delivered to your doorstep. They take extra care with their packaging; you can return their packs and they will recycle it to use again. 

The team behind Goodmylk is on a mission to make plant-based food affordable and accessible in India. Now here’s a mission that is not impossible,Tom. 

We recommend their cashew-based, vegan parmesan cheese to meet all your cheese cravings. 


If you are a recently turned vegan who misses animal based food or someone who is curious about the hype around kebabs, sausages, nuggets, and more, then you need to check out Plantmade. They also offer vegan masala chai, cashew peanut butter, and coconut milk powder. 

With the help of science, technology, and brilliant chefs, Plantmade extract proteins from indigenous grains and convert them into plant-based alternatives- so basically magic. 

Delicious, sustainable, and vegetarian- that’s Platmade’s motto. 

A great option for those with lactose intolerance or those following a ketogenic diet, the coconut milk powder is completely vegan and free from all allergens.


Here’s something that will bake your day- sunbaked vegan cookies! That’s right, folks. Kivu cookies are vegan, gluten-free, and super healthy. Their cookies are hand-baked by rural women in a Solar Oven. How cool is that? 

The ginger lemon cookies are made with sorghum flour and Jaggery Powder with a dash of ginger- the perfect healthy snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

Plant bowl creamery

I scream. You scream. We all scream. Ice cream! Sorry we got excited there. Plant bowl creamery is a Gurgaon based vegan food brand. 

They have vegan ice creams, vegan cheese, vegan spreads, and cakes. Basically…  you want it? They got it. Each product is handmade with love and in small batches to ensure its freshness. 

If you’re a fan of coffee and hazelnuts then you must try their vegan Hazelnut Cold coffee Ice Cream. 

Food Darzee

Subscription-based food delivery where each meal is tailored to your requirements. How amazing does that sound? Food Darzee are here to help you reach your fitness goals

On subscribing to their services, they will assign a personal nutritionist to you who will decide your meal plan based on your lifestyle and goals. You can opt for a 100% vegan diet. 

Your meals will be home delivered to you - yes, even on Sundays. Oh, they also have a 3-day trial period. (And who doesn't love trials, amirite?) 

Currently, their services are active in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, and Chennai.

Milk in oats

It all started when Ashna Goel, a dessert baker, was introduced to a plant-based diet during her stay in Italy and Co-founder, Vishwesh J. Nair found out that he’s lactose intolerant. Wanting to cater to people who are looking for plant-based alternatives, they started Mil in Oats. Their vegan milk is 100% natural. 

Milk in Oats promises a 100% vegan range of products that is dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and preservative-free. 

The oat milk produced by Milk in Oats, oat to be consumed by you (Yes, we’re proud of that pun).

Chocolate Ragi Crisps and Oat milk 

 Piper Leaf 

If you too have a sweet tooth, choco-let us introduce you to Piper Leaf’s vegan chocolates.Their 100% plant-based and gluten -free chocolates come in various flavours like orange, coffee, and our personal favourite- fruit and nut. Don't be choco-late (Ok we’ll stop) and get your sugar fix with these handcrafted, cruelty-free chocolates. 

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