Christmas Gifts 2021: Gifts for the Beauty Lovers in your Life

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Christmas Gifts 2021: Gifts for the Beauty Lovers in your Life

The Holiday season is here. We look forward to the holiday season every year as it gives us reasons to wear the best outfits, the best makeup and unwrap joy and gaiety. 

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine. ‘Tis the season of wishes and hope. ‘Tis the season of Christmas cookies and happy hearts. ‘Tis the season of Christmas jingles and Christmas movies. And ‘Tis the season of gifts and love. 

Ah, the Christmas mood! Ah, the jingle all the way! 

May your presents be many and your troubles be few; 
We hope that the gift of love, peace and happiness come find you.

It’s officially the time to get into the Christmas spirit and get the best gifts for all the lovely people in your life. Oh, did you forget again to make a  list of Christmas gift ideas? Worry not. We’ll help you out. Consider this as a Christmas goodie from us to you.

Just like always, we have curated a list of gift ideas like Gifts for the health-conscious person in your life, gifts for the plant-parent in your life, gifts for the travelers in your life. 

Thinking about what to gift the beautiful kings and queens in your life? We got ya covered ;)

Glycerine Soaps – Nature Masons

We know, we know, these soaps are just too pretty to use. They are hand-cut and handmade and are so unique. Who knew soaps could brighten up your mood.  Let’s book a date with them already!

This set of gemstones glycerine artisanal soaps from The Nature Masons would make a perfect gift to the ‘fun and organic’ fan in your life this Christmas. These soaps are glycerine based which will moisturize skin, protect sensitive skin and help relieve dry skin symptoms. It’s not just a soap, it’s a beauty treatment. It’s a pleasurable experience for the skin.  Gifting natural soaps to the natural beauty in your life sounds just perfect to us. 

Amethyst Massager Roller – ONEarth

We all have that one person in our lives who is obsessed with skincare routine. We all have that one person who spends all their money on skincare products. We all have that one person who is always jade rolling the puffiness away. 

You can gift the Amethyst Massager Roller from ONEarth to the ‘skincare therapist’. We are certain that they will thank you and also share a few beauty secrets too. Why wouldn’t they? 

This rose quartz crystal gives skin a cool and refreshing effect. It relaxes facial muscles and enhances the absorption of skincare products. It gives you healthy glowing skin and promotes self-love. After all, self-love is that extra glow we all need this Christmas.

Turmeric Ginger Face & Body Scrub – BodyCafé

Gift a bundle of all-natural happiness to the skincare junkie in your life and make their Christmas even better.

The Turmeric Ginger Face and Body Scrub from BodyCafé is the best out there. This scrub effectively pulls out deep impurities, grime and dirt from your skin. It contains ingredients like turmeric oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, cane sugar, pure and organic turmeric powder and ginger EO…all natural! told ya. 

Brash + Gloss Bundle – FAE

There is nothing a lil’ lipgloss can’t fix and a mascara can’t lift. They both are every makeup lovers’ BFFs. Can’t argue with that.  Now you know who to gift this beautiful bundle from FAE Beauty. 

It is an absolute gem that is vegan, cruelty-free and multi-use. This bundle consists of one ‘Glaws Gloss’ and ‘Brash’ in colors of your choice. The best thing about this bundle is that you get two awesome multi-use products in one.  

The glitter of the lip gloss and that extra oomph of the mascara is the calling of every makeup wizard. Make them happier this Christmas by gifting them this bundle of joy.

Personal Care Pack – Amrutam

This product is for those who believe in doing less and being more, who believe in going back to the roots and who believe in wholesome living and holistic care. 

This Christmas, gift the Personal Care Pack from Amrutam to the person who believes in holistic self-care. This pack consists of Kuntal Hair Care Spa, Ashtagandh Body Lotion and Amrutam Face Clean Up. 

The hair spa contains ayurvedic properties that prevent dandruff and hair loss. The lotion heals and protects skin and skin ailments like inflammation and acne. The cleanup hydrates and nourishes the skin to maintain its youthful radiance. 

Papaya Goodness Combo – The HADE

Who doesn’t like handmade goodness? Who doesn’t like natural, high-quality, plant-based skin products? Who doesn’t like a fruity remedy to all wellness concerns? 

This Christmas, gift the skin nerd in your life the perfect fruity protection. The Hade’s Papaya Collection Combo is for all those who are picky with their friends and skincare ;) The combo consists of Papaya and Coconut Milk Shampoo, Papaya Natural Sun Protection lotion and Papaya and Honey Brightening Night Cream. 

The best thing about this combo is that they will make it after you’ve placed the order. You can now enjoy the fresh, pure and handcrafted ingredients in a bottle. 

Premium Shaving Kit – Bombay Shaving Company

Now that No-Shave-November is history, it’s time to get back to the daily shaving ritual. 

Bombay Shaving Company’s Premium Shaving Kit is a lifesaver. It consists of a razor, pre-shave scrub, shaving cream and post-shave balm. The products are SLS and Paraben free, cruelty-free and enriched with superfoods. 

Gift this kit to your lads, gents and friends and remind them that they have to get a gift for you too.

Party Pataka Combo – Ilana Organics

Oh, the party combo from Ilana is indeed a pataka combo. It consists of Primer & Strobe Cream, Concealer + Foundation, Lip & Cheek Tint and Highlighter. ..Wow.

You need to gift this combo to the pataka in your group for whom home is where their makeup stash is. It is for them who wake up and make up like blending is cardio. This makeup combo will make them look wow and give them that angelic glow. We all need that extra glow anyway this holiday season, right?

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