Diwali 2021 : Gift Your Best Because There is No Time Like the 'Present'

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Diwali 2021 : Gift Your Best Because There is No Time Like the 'Present'

Diwali is all about spreading happiness. Exchanging gifts on Diwali is an old tradition that strengthens the companionship among people. You may not get the chance to meet your friends all year long but Diwali is a beautiful occasion to preserve the relationship with your loved ones.

This Diwali, choose from our favorite collection of premium gifting options from some of the best homegrown brands: 

Cashews and bowls- Indus People

Sustainable Diwali Gifts

Not sure what to gift this Diwali? You can never go wrong with some good ole’ dry fruits. But wait. These are no ordinary cashews. These are sweet and savoury, caramel base encrusted with pistachio granules, gluten-free cashews. The gift box from Indus People also comes with two small bowls made of stoneware with 24K Gold. Add a touch of luxury to your Diwali gifts. 

Festive Box -  Suta 

No better way to make someone feel special than to gift them a boxful of pretty things. This Diwali, give the festive box from Suta to a special someone and see their face light up (it is Diwali, after all). The festive box contains mul handkerchiefs, fabric brooch, fabric gajra, metal jar candle, playing card deck, and more. 

Vegan Energy Bar-fis Box- The Whole Truth

Sustainable Diwali Gifts

Have a health-conscious friend? Gift them the health, vegan box set from The Whole Truth with 9 assorted vegan barfis. To make things extra special, the box also comes with 2 vanilla scented candles- Diwali done right.

Recycled serving set - Kavi Poetry Art

Sustainable Diwali gifts

Diwali is a time when all friends and family get together to celebrate and exchange gifts. But are you still serving your guests in boring snack trays? The serving set from Kavi Art Poetry Project will be a hit amongst your guests. Made from recycled whiskey bottles, it will also make a cool, quirky Diwali gift for your cool, quirky friends. Oh, it also comes with a cork tray! 

Coffee and Chocolate Box- Monsoon Harvest

No festival is complete without sweets. This Diwali, up your gifting game with the coffee and chocolate gift box from Monsoon Harvest. This is perfect for anyone who LOVES chocolate but is also health-conscious. The toasted muesli, granola bar, nuts and seeds, and of course, coffee will help you satisfy your cravings without spoiling your diet. 

Use "MH12" for a 12% discount on all products. 

Candle box - Acasa Desain

Sustainable Diwali Gifts

With Diwali being the festival of lights, gifting candles makes perfect sense, right? Decorating your home with candles is also a way better option than bursting firecrackers. The gift box from Acasa Desain contains a soy wax candle, mini candles, and a beautiful smelling bottle of rose oil. Everything is organic and handcrafted with love. Wish your loved ones a happy Diwali with this candle set. 

Handcrafted Personal Care Gift bundle - Bare Necessities 

Sustainable Diwali Gifts

Have a friend who’s crazy about sustainable skincare? How about a zero-waste, vegan, skin and care bundle? This customizable gift bundle from Bare Necessities is the perfect thoughtful Diwali gift. You get to choose the spa bar, body scrub, and lip balm. It also comes with an eco-friendly loofah, face pack, makeup remover, and makeup wipes. Gift some ‘me time’ to your loved one this Diwali. 

Use “Brandcurry10” to avail 10% discount on your order! 

Scented Candles - better

Festive time can often be stressful. Gift your friends and family the scented candles from Better. and help them relax and rejuvenate. The scented candles are affordable, eco-friendly, plastic-free, and made from soy wax. You can choose from a range of soothing fragrances including vanilla, Nutmeg and coco, and honeysuckle.

Honey- Raw 7

We don't need to tell you the infinite benefits of honey. It's a great source of antioxidants, great for skin, sore throat, digestion- the list is endless. Which is why you should try the raw tulsi honey from Raw 7 that comes in its own wooden jar- packaging done right! Gift this honey box to someone who makes your life sweeter with their presence.

Vegan Chocolates Diwali Giftset- Mason and Co.

On your way to a Diwali party? Here's a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the host: organic, vegan and soy free chocolates from Mason and Co. With 6 of their best-selling bars including Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate, crunchy peanut butter dark chocolate, and sea salt dark chocolate, Mason and Co.'s Diwali giftset comes with a beautiful packaging too.

Bamboo Docking Station - The Happy Turtle 

What is Diwali without a party with your friends and family? And what’s a party without music? Celebrate a truly eco-friendly, plastic-free Diwali with the bamboo docking station from The Happy Turtle. It requires no charging- which means no electricity! Carry this on your next trip to the hills. This bamboo product will make a great gifting option for your #Wanderlust friend. 

Gond Painting - Gaatha

Sustainable Diwali Gifts

Celebrate Indian art and culture by gifting this beautiful Gond art painting from Gaatha this Diwali. Gond art is a symbol of good fortune, which makes the painting a great Diwali gifting option. Painted Sachin Tekam from Dindori, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Nandan’ will make a beautiful addition to your home. 

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