Eco-Friendly Crafts: Fun DIY to Try at Home

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Eco-Friendly Crafts: Fun DIY to Try at Home

What is Eco-Friendly living?

Eco-friendly living means living in such a way our environment is not harmed. Switching off the fan and lights, not wasting water, using a cycle- all contribute to a better environment. Not such a rare term to start with, even a fifth class student can write the definition in their examination. But if you dig deeper, a more nuanced meaning would be, protecting and producing less carbon footprint.

What is Carbon Footprint? 

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon emission in the atmosphere. It is one of the main reasons for many environmental deteriorations. In 2019, 43 billion tons of carbon were emitted in the world! Can you imagine the destruction it would have caused to the environment!

Okay, we all know about its consequences, yet the definitions are kept at a halt in books and Wikipedia. Awareness does not translate into action. 

In recent years, a trend for eco-friendly living has taken quite a poll among today’s generation. According to the data of GWI (Global web Index), 61% of Millennials and 58% of Gen Z are willing to pay more to buy eco-friendly crafts and products. But that doesn’t mean they are entirely living an eco-friendly living. People, especially in urban areas, tend to produce more waste which means more carbon footprint. Few are concerned, and even if they are concerned- few are those who take actions. The rise of globalization and modernization has cost us our environment. It would be a cliché to say that we must protect it.

Nevertheless, the slogan of protecting our environment will still stand upright!

How to protect the environment is pretty much clear in everyone’s head. Hence, here is the list of not-so-known steps to follow or can say getting-known steps to follow: 

A Fun DIY: Eco-Friendly Idea for Home

The fun DIY is related to the last actionable step you can take mentioned above. Yes, paper. 

Did you know that per year 300 million tons of paper is produced? Along with the production, 25% of waste accounts in the landfill. If not recycled, it will stay there for decades. The saddest part is that more than 15 billion trees are cut down every year. The re-plantation of trees is high, but the period it takes to grow up is long. 

The new paper feels good to hold, but imagine the process behind it. To use paper sustainably, the best we can do is give it to a recycling plant or use it again instead of dumping it. 

Eco-friendly Crafting Using Paper

Crafts Materials you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • water


  1. Cut the used paper into pieces.
  2. Soak it in water for a couple of days. (Don’t use too much water)
  3. Drain out the excess water and use it into showering the plants.
  4. Add glue half the amount of paper. (You can add more if you feel like, but make sure it didn’t become fluid)
  5. A paste of paper is formed, and now you can mould it to make anything.

Items You Can Make Using this Eco-friendly Craft Idea for Home:

  1. A pen stand: Take a steel glass and slightly grease it. Start putting the paste onto the outer surface of the glass. Keep it under the sun for rapid drying. After it gets dry, remove it and design it the way you want!
  2. A bowl: Use a bowl and follow the same procedure of making a pen stand. You can use it as a small item keeper.
  3. Coloured paper: You can use natural items to colour it. For example, turmeric for yellow, beetroot for red or any food colour available at your home. The only thing you have to keep in mind, the colouring agent should be added when the paper is in water. It will allow the paper to soak up the colour. When the paste is formed, take a dough of it and roll it like a chapati until its surface is flat and uniform. Dry it, and there you go! This can be used as a gifting item. 

Sustainable craft materials were used in performing the above paper DIY. The items used were minimal. Although the glue used is not 100% eco-friendly, it is not entirely harmful either. 

The above eco-friendly home DIY is super easy to do. It will save the paper from getting dumped and help the environment to get better. Remember, small actionable steps can bring a tremendous change to the world if everyone takes a pledge to do it! 

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