Ecovia - Ditch Single-use, Choose to Reuse

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Ecovia - Ditch Single-use, Choose to Reuse

Greetings eco-conscious consumer!

I don't know about you, but I feel anxious every time I walk by stores and see all the plastic. Ever wondered, almost everything we buy comes with its packaging ...Eh, just a fancier word for plastic. A box, a bag or even a wrapper, all serving the same purpose. It’s the reality we cannot avoid.

Although the packaging industry has come a long way in terms of creating innovative ways to minimize its impact on the environment, most of us throw away these plastic packages without any second thoughts. 

We don’t need only a handful of people following zero-waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it, albeit imperfectly. It doesn't really take much of an effort to do your part in being responsible humans of Mother Earth. You just have to be conscious of what you use and how you recycle, compost and reuse the packaging materials.

What we're seeing is that plastic pollution has grown into a raging concern. It's literally everywhere, including the deepest parts of the oceans. The ocean is home to the most beautiful and diverse ecosystem on earth. Unfortunately, our reckless use of plastic has left a visible impact on its beauty. 

We know the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, we have also come across infographics about how absurd it is that plastic has become part of our lives. Well, to be honest, the issue today has very little to do with numbers, but rather that most plastics don’t get recycled. And when they do, most end up in landfills or just waste in the ocean. 

According to reports, there are approximately 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastics currently in the ocean. It’s believed that this number will be doubled in a span of 10 years.

Now that’s an avengers level threat.  All in all, there's a lot that needs to be done to rectify the problem. 

So what is the solution? What is the alternative to plastic and its damaging effects on the environment? 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Well, in terms of reducing waste, I personally believe reducing and reusing are preferable to recycling. Reducing the packaging footprint sustainably doesn’t have to be challenging. Embracing sustainable practices doesn’t have to be challenging. Adopting a zero-waste approach, again, doesn’t have to be challenging. 

Imagine a world where your packaging doesn't have a degrading impact on the environment. What if I told you about a new packaging solution for shippers that is not only cost-effective but also better for the environment? 

Meet Ecovia - The first returnable packaging solution for D2C brands, e-commerce companies and hyperlocal players.

Ecovia - Ditch Single-use, Choose to Reuse

Founded by Dhwani Mehta, Parikshit Joon and Pranjul Jain, Ecovia is India's first returnable packaging solution for E-commerce and quick commerce.

It's not every day that you see a package, which has been reused by three different users hit your doorstep. But with Ecovia, it's like a routine. Ecovia makes returning packaging an effortless affair for customers. How, you ask?  

Ecovia, the hottest idea in the packaging industry, has created an eco-friendly packaging solution available to D2C brands, hyperlocal players and e-commerce marketplaces, which allows them to ship their orders to the end customers.

Ecovia works on a ‘returnable packaging as a service’ model where brands pay for the packaging on a per-use basis. Ecovia provides freedom to the customers to return the package. It’s not meant to be reused by the user as it reduces its usability in future purchases.

With Ecovia, you'll never get blown away by unwanted packaging again. Now, you can offer an experience that the customer actually wants: the unboxing itself. Now, you can turn a frustrating, guilt-free and zero-waste unboxing experience into a customer delight. … It’s just the next big thing.

Packaging should make your customers’ lives easier. At Ecovia, they believe that packaging is the last mile of customer experience. That's why, they develop packaging with the end customer in mind, ensuring that the experience is simple and frictionless.

How does it work?

Ecovia is constantly working on improving packaging and its environmental sustainability. The reason behind this is to make it easier for the customers to return products. They have introduced a new way of returning parcels that has reduced paper waste and made the process accessible to everyone. 

All you have to do is shop with Ecovia's partner brands. When you're done, return the packaging post-delivery and redeem exciting rewards by acting responsibly. 

When you think of returns, long queues, hassle and displeasure strike your mind. But returns can be different and actually fun. Ecovia's packaging offers an end-to-end solution that dramatically simplifies this process. By scanning a QR code on their packaging, you get exciting discount coupons for the next purchase… I mean, c’mon, it just gets better and better!

The Impact of Reusable Packaging

At Ecovia, every package is designed to be reused up to 100 times. That’s right, when you return the package, you're saving the planet by discouraging the production of harmful single-use packaging.  

Every Ecovia package is manufactured by recycling plastic bottles. In its lifespan of multiple uses, every package saves around 122 grams of CO2 emissions. 

It's time to join the packaging revolution. It’s time to eliminate plastic to the best of our ability. Some of the big names in the D2C space have already signed up for the change. Ecovia has partnered with  Wow Skin Sciences, No Nasties, The Summer House, Aristobrat and Flawsome among others.

So listen up, couch potatoes, what are you waiting for? Think Ecovia and Join the reuse revolution now!

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