Grow It With Care, Wear It With Pride

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Grow It With Care, Wear It With Pride

It’s beard time Lads, Bros and Gents!
Beard grooming has never been easy. 

The secret to growing a beard faster is a duo process. Primarily, an impressive beard cannot grow without the right nutrients. Second of all, it is absolutely important that you keep your beard neat, clean and moisturized. 

Growing a beard ain’t simply about not shaving for weeks and going about your business, No! First and foremost, be patient. Some of you might be blessed with the beard of your dreams. Some of you will find it utterly frustrating to wait until it grows to your liking. Secondly, don’t expect miracles overnight because health and lifestyle habits play the most important part in beard growth.

Get plenty of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet containing all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Avoid alcohol, smoking and all the other unhealthy habits as they reduce blood flow to your hair follicles and most importantly, they mess with your immunity. You gotta keep yourself and that beard game strong!

Just like you choose products for your skin and hair wisely, you should choose the right tools and products for your beard too. Here, we have curated the best organic beard care products for men.

Face + Beard Wash

The Pollution Protect Face+Beard wash from The Phy Life is for the guys who love a solution for pollution :) This wash gently cleanses without stripping the skin of its essential oils. They help remove the dirt and traces of pollution from the face and beard. They lock in moisture and keep your face and beard hydrated.  After all, the beard is a powerful asset, you gotta take care of it.

This product protects the skin from smoke and pollution. It cleanses your beard without drying and keeps it super-soft.

After Shave Cream

Does one need an after shave? Yes. The very purpose of an after shave is to re-hydrate your skin once you’ve shaved. The handmade after shave cream from BodyCafé helps you to reduce that itch and burning on your face.  Helping you to keep your grooming game on point always.

This after shave cream minimizes the risk of redness, razor burn, cuts and irritation. It keeps your skin soft, smooth and moisturized.

Beard Growth Oil

Have patience guys, you just have to let it grow. The Beard growth oil from Ustraa is a mix of 8 natural oils essential for a healthy and nourished beard. It reduces hair damage and strengthens hair follicles. I think it's time to say goodbye to beard growth problems now. Time to show off that perfect beard, fellas.

This oil helps and boosts hair cells on your face inducing hair growth. It activates hair’s stem cells and repairs damage. 

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair on your head and your face aren’t the same, no kidding. The products should also be different. Beard shampoo and conditioner from the Bombay Shaving Company freshens up your fuzz. One of the basic things you need to learn about beard care is not using soap to clean it. Shift to using shampoo and conditioner for a healthy and soft beard. 

Say no more to that itch and brittle hair. Beard shampoo and conditioner help keep hair in check, softening and making them easier for grooming and styling.

Beard Comb

The Beard season never ends. You always have to use a Beard comb to get rid of those food particles and dust off your beard. A beard comb also helps to tame the unruly hair and improve the appearance of your beard. Lay your hands on the Bombay Shaving Company’s anti-static, easy-to-handle Beard Comb. 

Beard comb helps style your whiskers while keeping them clean. It helps stimulate beard hair follicles and distribute natural oils throughout.

Beard Wax

Don’t go shaving, fellas. Instead, tame that beard frizz and style your beard in any way you want with The Man Company’s Beard Wax. Pamper your beard with the natural properties of almond and thyme in this product. This product is proven to promote hair growth. Add to cart now, your beard will thank you later!

Beard wax from The Man Company is 100% natural and softens the beard. It gives you a  non-stiff and a non-sticky look and feel.

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