Love Thy Skin With The Goodness Of Caffeine

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Love Thy Skin With The Goodness Of Caffeine

[ pro-kaf-e-nate-ing ]

(v.) the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a mug (or two.. umm maybe three) of coffee.

Ah! Coffee!! A hug in a mug. It is a part of our daily ritual. For most of us, a hot piping cup of tea or coffee helps us wake up and hustle through the day.  We have a different brew for every mood - Getting-up-early Coffee, staying-up-late Coffee, Get-me-through-this-boring-meeting Coffee, Project-submission-deadline-is-today Coffee, and my personal favourite, maintaining-my-’never killed anyone’ streak Coffee. 

It’s impossible to imagine a day without a hot cup of enthusiasm. The main ingredient behind this energy is caffeine. Apart from making your heart feel at ease, caffeine has other benefits as well!

Benefits of the Brew

Your brew gives you benefits beyond an energy boost. It is quite healthy, all thanks to the high level of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients in caffeine. While coffee is the most widely consumed beverage, it’s an alternative remedy for skincare as well. Did you know that coffee is the secret ingredient to a lot of spa regimens? 

Drinking a cup can get you that internal boost while rubbing your skin with coffee promises a whole set of benefits. An official petition to call it a ‘skin drink’ please!

Here are five amazing benefits of caffeine for your skin-

1. Caffeine makes skin smooth and bright.

2. It offers anti-aging benefits.

3. It treats acne and combats dark circles.

4. It exfoliates skin and reduces pigmentation.

5. It provides Vitamin B-3 for skin cancer.

That’s one hardworking bean, Eh?

Get yourselves braced folks, cuz today's mood is coffee, lots of coffee! How about an entire range of caffeinated personal care products?

The Story of mCaffeine

You must be waiting for an intriguing tragic story behind the origin of mCaffeine. Well, it’s not really! 

The story goes back to 2015 when Tarun Sharma, co-founder and CEO of mCaffeine met with an accident (okay it is lil bit tragic maybe). Following this, he had a swollen eye and no medicine or remedy under the sun had an answer for the puffed eye.

Just when he was about to give up hope and prepare himself for a lifetime of pain, his friend suggested putting a green tea bag on the eye. (I’m sure his friend had enrolled in his grandmother’s gharelu nuskhe course.) 

We opt for desperate measures in desperate times. So did Tarun. To his surprise, the green tea bag actually worked. Upon research he found out that the caffeine in the teabag was the source that came to his rescue.

And voila! The idea behind mCaffine was born.

mCaffeine is India’s first caffeinated personal care brand where beauty has no colour or gender. It's about you. You are a revolution, a culture, a routine, a high, and essentially now - a Lifestyle. You are Bold, Young and Confident.  With coffee.

Why mCaffeine

mCaffeine brings you the best of caffeinated care for your face, body & hair. This talk-of-the-town brand is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and Peta certified. Their products contain no SLS, parabens, silicon or mineral oils. Their hair care products will boost your hair growth and strengthen hair while their skin products deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving you feeling oh-so refreshed ;)   Hmmm.. talk about the best of both worlds.

Get Addicted To Good

mCaffeine has got our team hooked with their entire range of caffeinated products. The prime reason being they have a brew for every skin! mCaffeine proudly encourages confidence over colour. They never create nor promote skin whitening products. They vow not to create products that change the real YOU!  B’cuz beauty has no skin tone.

mCaffeine caffeinate responsibly. They indulge in using glass packaging and strive to eliminate plastic pollution by recycling more plastic than they use.  ..oh but they still had me at coffee.  So, pamper your body with mCaffeine products and notice the difference - in you and in nature as well!

Curious to know how to get that toned and polished skin? They literally have it packed for you in a jar.

Our Favourite Picks

The products that got us obsessing over are their bestsellers - The Body Polishing Kit and their Coffee De-Stress Kit.

The Body Polishing Kit

Get your hands on the Body Polishing Kit with Coffee Body Scrub and Choco Body Butter. They together exfoliate the skin, remove tan and intensely moisturize your skin to make it look fresh and healthy. This duo brings a heavenly aromatic experience, leaving you craving for more.

How to Use the Body Polishing Kit

Polish your skin at your own convenience at home with two easy steps.

Step 1: Apply the Coffee Body Scrub and gently scrub in circular motions for a few minutes to exfoliate the skin. Then rinse it off with warm water. 

Step 2: Pat dry and apply the Choco Body Butter to soothe and close open pores and deeply moisturize the skin. And finally, indulge your senses in the aroma, smoothness, and sheen of your skin.

Coffee De-Stress Kit

Packed with Coffee Body Polishing Oil, Coffee Body Scrub and a Hand-crafted Wooden Massager, this kit is not just great for skin but an amazing stress-buster too. This gender-neutral gift kit reduces cellulite, stretch marks and exfoliates the skin. Not just the products inside but the packaging equally makes this kit a perfect gift.

How to Use the Coffee De-Stress Kit

Step 1: Take the Coffee Body Polishing Oil in your palms and apply liberally all over the body. Massage using circular motions for a few minutes and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: On the wet body, apply the Coffee Body Scrub and gently scrub in circular motions. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, and moisturize.

Exfoliate - check.
Moisturize - check.
Ah-mazing - check check check.

Getting you hooked to their products is not mCaffeine’s only superpower. #AddictedToGood is the lifestyle they choose. They are addicted to clean and sustainable living. They are addicted to taking a stand against animal cruelty. They are addicted to becoming more planet positive!

Coffee De-Stress Kit

A gender-neutral and a premium gifting option.
Cruelty Free
Chemical Free

Body polishing kit

The kit exfoliates, polishes and deeply moisturizes the skin.
Cruelty Free
Chemical Free

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Coffee De-Stress Kit

A gender-neutral and a premium gifting option.

Body polishing kit

The kit exfoliates, polishes and deeply moisturizes the skin.
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