Mo's Bakery: Cookies Make Everything Better

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Mo's Bakery: Cookies Make Everything Better

Home is where the cookies are

Few things compare to the heavenly aroma of cookies fresh out of the oven. The warmth wafting off from the sweet, delicious treats... The very thought is making my mouth water while I write this. If you too, have a sweet tooth, I'm sure you will be able to relate. The only thing that stops us from gorging on sweets is, well, the number of calories in them. 

What if I tell you that you can have cookies without worrying about all of that? That is right. Mo’s Bakery, a Delhi-based bakeshop, offers 100% organic, healthy mini cookies. 

All you knead is love.

Started in 2016 in a home kitchen, the first few customers at Mo’s Bakery were friends and family of the owner, Mohita Mathur. Inspired by her time in Paris, Edinburgh, and Pondicherry, Mohita (Mo) fell in love with the wonderful craft of baking. It took many months of dedication and meticulous work to perfect the recipes. Soon enough, Mo’s Bakery became the go-to place to satisfy Delhi's sweet cravings. Safe to say, the petite cookies with their unique flavours were well received. They are now accessible from all over India. Oh, the power of the internet. Happiness delivered to your doorstep.

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Organic Ingredients

The bakery’s goal is to ‘make nutritious food delicious at good value.’ One of the unique selling points of Mo’s Bakery is the quality of ingredients used. What goes into the making of your food is extremely important. With Mo’s, you get the highest quality of ingredients possible. They come straight from nature's lap, afterall. All the products offered are 100% vegan and free of preservatives. For those with special dietary needs, they also have keto, gluten-free and omega-rich options. 

Package full of sweetness

The people at Mo’s Bakery take extra care of how they pack their products. The baked goodies come in sealed pet-cans with nitrogen-flushing. This is done to ensure that they are still fresh when they reach you. 

You bake me crazy

If your favourite part of the meal, like me, is dessert then you can understand why we cannot just give them up. Why do we have to part from something we love? Eating sweets and remaining healthy is possible. With Mo’s Bakery you get the best of both worlds. Satisfy your sugar craving with the gourmet petit cookies and more. 

P.S. Brandcurry's web developer received Mo's cookies for Christmas last year and he won't stop asking for more. Help. 

Tea and cookies

Gourmet box of customized tea and cookies
Freshly Prepared
No Preservatives

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Tea and cookies

Gourmet box of customized tea and cookies
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