Valentine's Day: Celebrate the Day of Love with These Organic Chocolates

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Valentine's Day: Celebrate the Day of Love with These Organic Chocolates

Valentine's Day is the time when you show your loved one that you care. And, as corny as it sounds, a box of roses won't do this time. Why not something unique? Something they wouldn't find easily! Valentine's Day chocolate is always a surprise, and if you do it right, your valentine will love them even more than usual. So read this list and be romantic!

Here are some of the best organic chocolate brands in India : 


What’s a better way to celebrate the festival of love than having Kocoatrait’s Zero-waste chocolates. This organic chocolate brand has an exceptional quality: its sustainable approach towards everything. From locally sourced ingredients to upcycled, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging -  Kocoatrait adopts sustainable practices at every step. 

Their ‘all-women production workforce’ is a force to be reckoned with (pun of course intended. ). While not every product they offer is vegan, they have great vegan options like banana dark chocolate, desert salt, and malligai dark chocolate.

We recommend their 70% Kocoatrait Cranberry & Sea Salt Bean to Bar Chocolate. Made from organic cocoa beans and sweetened with non-refined cane sugar, this is a vegan, gluten-free bar to bean chocolate perfect for a sweet, planet-friendly Valentine’s Day.

All Things

All Things is a Jaipur-based chocolate brand that draws inspiration from ‘tales of your favourite city, colour, flowers or even the best part of your day.’ Make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet with their handcrafted bean to bar chocolates. The cacao they use is directly traded and grown under ethical, sustainable conditions. They also use fresh locally sourced ingredients. 

Their goal is to provide a chocolate-y experience with their unique flavours. You can opt for a sugar-free, or vegan option too. 

They have some great gifting options including our personal favourite, ‘Enthusiast Box’ which contains a beautiful assortment of organic chocolate bars, chocolate mixes, and cappuccino. 


Ishan Pansuria, a civil engineer, left his father’s business and started Toska because of his love for chocolates. This bean to bar chocolate brand offers carefully crafted organic chocolates. Made with fresh fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, and a whole lot of love, gift a Toska chocolate to your partner this Valentine’s Day.

They have vegan chocolate options available too.

We cannot get enough of their Blueberry Mocha chocolate. If you are a fan of berries, coffee and dark chocolate, this is the one for you. 

Mason & Co

One simply cannot make a list of the best organic chocolate brands without mentioning Mason & Co. Nope it’s not possible. The brainchild of Jane and Fabien, Mason & Co’s mission is to provide us with the finest chocolates possible- all while taking care of the planet. 

They source almost all of their ingredients locally by working with local farmers. 

The all-female team from local villages take care of the process with their chocolate making skills. 

Your Valentine’s Day will be incomplete without their Pondy Yellow Pack of 6 which includes some of Mason Co’s best selling organic, vegan, gluten-free chocolates. 


Have you ever had something so delicious that it felt like your soul had left your body- an other-worldly experience of sorts? That’s the kind of experience the good people at Pascati promise you. The journey of their organic chocolates starts from God’s own country, Kerala- which is where they source their cacao beans from. It takes roasting, cracking, winnowing, conching and tempering, to get the final product ready.

They believe in sustainable sourcing and are USDA certified  Organic & Fairtrade chocolate makers. 

Celebrate the day of love with Pascati’s 77% Dark Malabar Hills - a single origin, vegan, gluten-free option. 


This tree-to-bar chocolate maker has its own plantation from where they get their cocoa beans making it a ‘Single Origin’ chocolate brand. Soklet grows its own cocoa (sustainably) in the foothills of Anamalai. 

If your loved one has a sweet and spicy personality then you need to gift them Soklet’s Bhut Jolokia Chilli chocolate. Who thought it was possible to create chocolate with one of the spiciest chilis in the world? Not us. 

Oh if we didn’t give you enough reasons to check them out, here is another one: Soklet also contributes a portion of their process towards environmental causes to make up for the waste inevitably generated by them.   


Established in 2012, these guys are veterans in the field of organic chocolates. Handmade in the beautiful city of Mysore, Naviluna chocolates are a true representation of the wealth of the Indian subcontinent. Their chocolates are made from organically certified Indian cacao beans and come in some unique flavours like longum pepper lime. 

You can go for a single bar of heaven .. err chocolate, or even subscribe to their service to get a nice little surprise delivered to your doorstep every month.

This Valentine’s Day, give the Chocolate Lover Gift Box to your loved one’s and see their face light up with joy. Enjoy the beautiful flavour of coffee, pineapple, and more. 

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