Christmas Gifts 2021 : Green Gifts for the Plant Parent in Your Life

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Christmas Gifts 2021 : Green Gifts for the Plant Parent in Your Life

December is here, it’s cold and we’re busy. People seem to be in a frenzy trying to cope with work, family and Christmas shopping. But don’t lose focus as there are people who will really appreciate the right present – a present that is useful but different or unusual. For example people who like plants will be delighted by this list of Christmas gifts for plant lovers.

Self watering planter- My Bageecha 

If you know someone who is a plant parent or wants to be a plant parent but they’re just too lazy to take care of it, then we have the perfect Christmas gift for them. 

The self watering planter from My Bageecha is made for those who either forget to water their plants or those who are not sure how much water their plant needs. Or both. The self watering planter allows the plants to draw water from an interior well source. Its special indicator also conveys just when the water is finished. How cool is that? 

Frozen In Time Terrarium Kit- My Bageecha 

Christmas is a time for sharing, family, feasts and festive decorating — especially the latter. Making your home and work space look beautiful can be a fun way to show your family, friends and coworkers that you care. 

Go green with these tiny plants in a case from My Bageecha. This beautiful terrarium kit will make a beautiful table top decor. It requires some sunlight so make sure you give it an appropriate place in the house. If you plan to get one for yourself as well, you won’t be alone!

Jute Rope Planters - ONEarth

Planters have their uses, but most of them aren’t as pretty, or nearly as charming as this one. A jute planter? That’s basically a dream come true for any plant-lover. 

OnEarth’s black jute planter is handwoven and 100% natural. It will make a beautiful addition to your living space. Gift this to a friend, family, partner and help them in their plant parenting journey. 

Handcrafted recycled planter - Kavi Poetry Art 

Looking for some sustainable Christmas gifts for your loved ones? How about a handcrafted, recycled planter? 

Made From Upcycled old bottles and reclaimed wooden board, these eco-friendly planters from Kavi will make a beautiful addition to your home. You can gift it to a plant lover and brighten up their home. 

Antiquity Planters with Iron Stand - Kavi Poetry Art

Here’s another equally beautiful option from Kavi The Poetry Art Project with an old school charm. The antiquity planters come with their iron stands that you can screw up on the wall and add a splash of green and blue to your wall. The planters are made with recycled bottles, which makes them eco-friendly and sustainable. They are sturdy and will last a long time - just like your relationship with the person you gift this to. Christmas is all about spreading love and joy and these planters will help you do just that. 

Coconut shell planter- Thenga

Here is a minimal yet super cute Christmas gift idea for a plant parent: coconut shell planters! These handmade, eco-friendly coconut planters from Thenga are crafted from natural coconut shells. They are 100% chemical-free and polished with coconut oil only. 

You can place them or hang them up in your balcony.

Bohemian Love Planter- Maisha

Add a splash of colour in your loved one’s life with this colourful eco-friendly, handmade planter. If you know someone who’s super into Bohemian style, then this planter from Maisha is the perfect Christmas gift for them. 

Made from  a combination of cotton jacquard and laminated jute, these indoor planters are reversible. Add a plant and keep them in a corner of your living room. This is an eye catcher for sure. 

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