Valentine’s Day 2022: Here’s what you should wear on your date

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Valentine’s Day 2022: Here’s what you should wear on your date

It's the month of love. And love is already in the air! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life or with your girl gang or with your guy squad or riding solo, it’s all love fam!  But we can’t wait to do nothing on Valentine’s Day… only half kidding.

Anywho, let’s talk about outfits. Amazing date night outfits. Cuz let’s be real, this day is all about celebrating the ladies. And the No.1 rule is to wear a perfect outfit. Have you still not picked out your best-looking outfit? Well, no need for you to panic. We got your back! We’ve picked out the best outfits for you to make your V-day date memorable. 

Gia Mini Dress - Summer Somewhere

‘Gorgeous gorgeous girls wear gorgeous gorgeous outfits’. Strappy dresses will never go out of style. Check out the Gia Mini Dress from Summer somewhere, pair it with pearl earrings and rock your date night. This stunning outfit is just perfect for a fine wine date. This hand-made dress has adjustable straps for your comfort and has front cross-strap details for the dapper look. 

Sienna Dress - Increscent

Valentine’s Day outfits aren’t just about the red and black feels. They can be a little floral, fun and flirty. The Sienna Dress from Increscent is a perfect choice to go entirely out of the box and simple at the same time. It features a V button-down neckline, an adjustable waist with tasseled drawstring and a flowy tiered skirt. We suggest you swipe right on this cutie! 

Black Nico Dress - Nicobar

Get their hearts racing and get romantic in bold colors and prints. Yes, Prints! The Black Nico Dress from Nicobar is a stylish, comfortable outfit that will make date things less awk. This cinch-and-flare wrap dress comes with buttons to secure it at the waist. It has bold lotus flowers on the outside and black and white checks on the inner lining, well, it’s beautiful inside out ;)

Brunch Dress - Dressfolk

Ladies, fashion is like eating, you shouldn't stick to the same menu. And you for sure shouldn’t stick to the age-old fashion rules. The romantic Brunch dress from Dressfolk is a polka wrap dress with elbow-length paneled sleeves and a waterfall front panel. The dress is cut in bias and is closed through a beautiful fabric button. Have V-day plans of basking in the sun for a picnic? This lavender dress is just the right pick.

Tulia Dress - Renge

Free-flowing outfits with breezy sleeve details and heels are a hot duo. They will stare, make it worth their while. Tulia dress from Renge is perfection in itself. The oversized bodice, plunging back and the soft & delicate baby blue fabric gives this dress a romance appeal. This everglow outfit is embroidered and lightweight is an addition to the art that fashion is. 

Hot Patch Kafsuit - House of Viraasi

Nails done. Hair done. Makeup done. You finally have plans to go out on a brunch and here’s what you should wear, Kafsuit from House of Viraasi. If something ‘soft & flowy’ is your thing, this Kafsuit is for you. It has an adjustable drawstring and you can wear it as a dress alone. So sit back, live your own individual style and make get their hearts racing.

Unit HD - Marchtee

If resilient and relaxed matches your vibe, then Unit HD Marchtee is your pick. It is a heavy-duty tee for a ‘non-date’ energy. Pick up your shades, pull up your mask + denim shorts, because this look remains untarnished even today. You can opt for white sneakers and a black jacket for a casual feel and can make this look is as classic as any.

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