Valentine’s Day 2022: 10 Unique Gifts for your partner

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Valentine’s Day 2022: 10 Unique Gifts for your partner

It’s February! This means that it’s officially the month of celebrating love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re hoping you are ready with some cozy and romantic ideas to make the day extra special for your partner. And you know what screams special more than anything else? A neatly wrapped box of surprise. To help you bring a smile of joy to your partner’s face, we’ve curated a list of the cutest gifts you can give them this Valentine’s day - 

A Green Co. : Eco-Friendly Phone cases 

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: Eco friendly phone case

What’s better than super cute pastel phone cases? 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, AND super cute pastel phone cases! You can help give aesthetic bragging rights to your partner by gifting them one of A Green Co’s selection of planet-friendly phone cases. 

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Thevasa : Earrings 

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: Minimal earrings

If your partner loves pretty accessories, then they’re going to adore Thevasa’s handcrafted silver earrings. These cute little minimalist pieces of jewelry are made in 92.5 sterling silver and handcrafted in Jaipur. This makes each piece one of its kind and a perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind person. 

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Thevasa : Photo Frames

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: Eco friendly photo frame

A huge part of loving someone comes with the urge of memorializing every beautiful memory you have with them. So pull out that one picture that you know reminds you both of warmth, sweetness, and love; and put it in one of these super cute photo frames from thevasa. These handcrafted pieces made of wood or handmade paper will preserve a perfect memory for you and make a perfect gift for your partner. 

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MyBageecha: Terrarium Kits  

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: terrarium kit

Plant lovers are easy to please. All you need is a leafy little companion and they will be overjoyed. We can help you make it even more special with these gorgeous little terrarium kits by myBageecha. Aesthetic and sustainable, each terrarium kit is an ecosystem  in itself and will brighten up your partner’s house. 

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Daughter Earth: Beauty kits

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: vegan beauty kit

Do you know what says “I love you” in the most beautiful way? Showing your partner you know what they like. So for makeup lovers, we suggest you pick out one of these beautifully curated beauty kits by Daughter Earth. Not only are their products gorgeous, but they’re also cruelty-free and vegan.

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Monsoon Harvest : Snack boxes  

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: vegan snack box

Who doesn’t love a good snack binge? From Vegan chocolate lovers to coffee addicts, a snack basket from Moon Harvest will take care of your partner’s Valentine’s snack cravings. Pair these delights with another gift idea from this list and you’re good to go for Valentine’s day!

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Maisha : Handcrafted bags

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: handcrafted bags

Another treat for accessory lovers, these handcrafted bags from Maisha will compliment any outfit your partner picks for Valentine’s date night. There’s no way to go wrong with comfortable, spacious, aesthetic, and hand-embroidered bags even for the pickiest of handbag lovers. The best part? Maisha is offering a valentine’s discount to make your gift choices even easier. 

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Kavi Poetry Art Project : Notebooks  

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: recycled notebook

If your partner is a writer, show them you admire their love of literature with this cute purpose of literature notebook from Kavi. Remind them, like T.S. Eliot once said, that “The Purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink” and maybe they’ll write you a small love poem in their precious notebook. 

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Nicobar : Bee Necklace  

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: necklace

You know what never fails as a Valentine’s gift? A minimalist necklace. Express your love with this charming bee necklace from Nicobar that features green zircon stones embedded in a hand-finished bee charm, cast in brass, and plated in gold. This gorgeous piece of jewelry will complement your partner as much as you do! 

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Arture : Bay Kindle Sleeve

Valentine's Day gift for your partner: Kindle sleeve

If your partner is a bookworm, we know how much they love their books and Kindle devices. Show them you love their love of books by helping them protect their kindle from scratches and wear with this sleek bay Kindle Sleeve from Arture. The best part? It is made of sustainable, vegan, and recyclable materials! 

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That’s a wrap on our suggestions for the perfect Valentine’s Gift for your partner. We hope these help you express the love and adoration we know you have for your partners, and make your Valentine’s extra special. Let us know how it goes? 

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